Streetwise Vital Mix Rapid 3 Ton Exopy


  • This Vital-Mix Rapid 3 Ton Epoxy which comes with an instant-mix nozzle which dispenses the freshly mixed 1:1 epoxy to the surface that you want to bond.
  • The adhesive sets rapidly and is highly resistant to water, most solvents and automotive oils. This epoxy can be used to fill gaps and repair surfaces. It is suitable for bonding metal, concrete, rubber, wood, ceramics, tools, fibreglass and glass.
  • Once set, it can be sanded. It also does not shrink once cured and it does not crack when drilled into.
  • * Instant-mix nozzles create superior bonding strength
  • * Seals within 4 minutes
  • * Clear colour
  • * Apply directly onto bonding surfaces such as steel, glass, fibreglass, concrete, metal, rubber
  • * 25ml + 2 instant mix nozzles
  • * Non-shrinking
  • * Resistant to heat and chemicals
  • * Can be handled after 2 hours of bonding
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